So the South Rim is the most popular destination at the Grand Canyon National Park. Our intent as to hike and tour the heights and sights of the Grand Canyon staying only there for 3 days and 2 nights. We got a 6 Berth RV from RV hire USA, we parked our RV at the Trailer Village because it has hookups, a reservation is needed if you do not want to worry, your pets are welcome too BUT they should be leased at all times and never allowed below the canyon rim. Trailer Village like I said has hook-ups and is adjacent to the Mather Campground that is perfect for your tents because of the trees to trim the heat. The Mather Campground is walking distance from the general store so that's one convenient thing plus laundry and shower are available and free. However this campground has no hookups. Mather Campground is open all year round but you should make a reservation when coming there between March - November (1-877-444-6777). The Desert View Campground is another no hook ups to park your Rv but you should make a reservation to check their availabilities, they have a few sites to accommodate large RVs but they have a lot for campsites although it is first come first served basis (no reservation is accepted for campsites) and observe a seven-day camping minimum. Good place for your pets too BUT still must be leashed at all times. There are other campgrounds and campsites outside the park camping but would be more distant.

There are a lot of viewpoints at the South Rim and three days for us wouldn't be enough. Few of the viewpoints require hiking but the best view probably I get to was the Yavapai Point which was just a wow. It is an point to reach from the west of mather point and requires an easy walk. It has an observation station where you can buy books and see information about the Grand Canyon particularly about geology and history. The Yavapai point is close to the Colorado river. Next point to the West is the Grandeur point and this point youd see the Bright Angel Trail which offers you to see the whole legnth of it. Views here are good too and close to wow. Continuing to the West is the Maricopa point which was just fine and as good as the others.