My trip to Juneau was cool, cold and warm. I'm happy having that trip because Juneau provides more sunlight than the other states in Alaska so I get those natural pinkish on my skin. That's one thing. And what I enjoyed during the stay was the salmon streams, the rain and the glaciers that I'm always fascinated about. We visited the Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure that is a 50 acres of Southeast Alaska's lush rainforest. It was perhaps the largest rainforest that I had to tour, I don't get the same excitement as I have for white sand and island beaches but the rainforest was just spectacular when we stood at the 580 ft level of the Thunder Mountain, a very long bridge, like a hanging pathway that you can walk to for exploring the rainforest. Seeing eagles on the levels of my eyes was like catching them with my bare hands. Well most of them fly since we are walking on that 580ft high pathway as a group. Some birds are used to it so don't even other shooing them. After our tour in  Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure we headed to Gustavus for some meals, heavy meals and some souvenirs to bring home in Australia. Off from Gustavus we hit the Glacier Bay National Park which is just a very famous place for tourists and locals. Here you can stay two or three days to do all the activities it can offer. Enjoy camping, kayaking, whale watching, sport and charter fishing, flightseeing, hiking, mountain biking, mountaineering, photography, skiing, and even massage or just to tour the sights.