It took us about 5 hours to get their from Phoenix, AZ.  The drive wasn't to bad at all and it was kinda fun going out of the state.  I had to meet with some insurance Agents who I had built online relations with.  We go there friday around 10 in the morning.  It was nice having time work in our favor by an hour.  After doing my business meetings I came back to my wife and we went out on the town.  It was nice checking out mission beach since I had not been there since I was a kid.  We watched the sun set and it was beautiful.  We finished the evening off by going to a small mexican restaurant near our hotel.  The food was great and very satisfying.  When the next morning came we ended up going to sea world.  As fun as it was we both started feeling really guilty for going without our kids.  We are now planning on a vacation this summer with our kids.  It should be great, I'm sure they will enjoy it.  We plan on doing sea world and lego land.

If you ever make your way out to San Diego make sure catch a sunset or two.  It's a wonderful way to end an evening.

I hope you enjoyed my experience mixing business with pleasure ;)
Justin of Insurance Cheap

Next Insurance Agents I'm meeting are in Seattle, 
I'll come back with my full report.