Australia needs a government with decisiveness and leadership. Not these limp wristed bunnies in charge of our futures. Are you listening to them?. Ive never heard so much doom and gloom being driven down our throats with more regularity. What are they trying to say?. What they are saying is, all the banks stuffed up, we need to help these fat cats with your money, to bail them out of their mess, so things are going to get tough.

Why are things getting tough? Petrol is back to $1 a litre. Interest rates are best they have been in years, and our employment levels are still at great percentages under 5%. This is actually the best its been in a few years, in fact when the levels of these factors were at exactly the same rates, they were telling us how well we were doing?. Now all they can say is how doomed we are. With the Australian dollar going down, its going to be great for our exporters, and for tourism in Australia. Add the new Baz Lurman film AUSTRALIA to the mix and tourism will rise up again. Throw another tiger on the barby baz.

Its about time Australians started to stand up to them, and not blindly believe everything they tell you, as they use the media as a tool to spread their lies and deceit.

How do all these child care centres start going broke, when they charge minimum of around $60-$110 per day per child for just basic child care. These places are literally golden gooses, yet somehow, some halfwit managed to run up $4 billion in debt, and leave australian investors and parents and children, high and dry. Guess what, lets spend your tax dollars on saving them too?.

Now i see the car industry is going broke too. Isnt it amazing how all these companies and world economies are collapsing all at the same time. In the same few weeks in fact. Let them go broke. They have mad quadrillions off you for decades, where did all that go? Why is Australia giving an asian car giant, billions to help them build a hybrid car, that will be too expensive for australians and out dated by the time it arrives here, and built in asia. With profits going back there?.

And the mining industry?. That never employed me or most australians. Who cares if BHP shares are down cause they are not selling coal and ore to asia? Australians have never directly benefited from these Overseas owned and operated bemoths of industry. You dont get any financial gain from them unless you invest in their shares, and right now why would you. Its all cyclic anyway. As soon as the heads of the so called "Free World" sa its getting better, it will. Because thats who most believe. Did you happen to catch the talkfest called the G20 Summit?, What did that group of dunderheads actually achieve?  Nothing was done, no new ideas or bright lights there.
Australians, start taking notice and ask questions, because they all think its pretty easy to pull the wool over your eyes.

You can't tell me or even think that every bit of money invested by Australians and the world for that matter is all invested in bad sub-prime american debt?. Of course not, so please tell me why everyone is going broke at the same time, and didnt see it coming. Let the child care centres go broke. Another corporate will buy them and run them better and at the profit margins you let them charge you. Thats what Australians do, they let the greed of corporations and banks etc to charge them whatever they want at the terms they want, so you can have what you want with little fuss.

Well guess what, right now you have the power. Dont buy things on credit, like they used to in the old days. Live within your means. Watch the bargains come when you pay cash.

People of Australia, its not all doom and gloom. Its actually getting better and better all the time. The wheel is turning in your favour, use your power. The government need to restructure a few things and protect Australian product and brand. Globalisation has been a dismal failure, you can thank Bush for. Bout time we stood on our own feet and stood up to this government tireny at all levels. Have a look at the mess of NSW government. State governments should all be abolished - think of how well our country would be doing financially without the state government duplicating the burden.

Believe in your future and your childrens future. Fight them all the way and be positive. The government of Australia and the world wants every one to be depressed and start a recession. Dont and you win...