Wildlife needs to be protected throughout the world. We need to leave enough of nature to pass along to the next generation. Going to the zoo to observe wildlife has itsí place but the animals are not in their natural setting, living their natural lives. Leaving enough land and the wildlife that inhabit that land is important to the future generations of people. There is nothing to compare with seeing wildlife in itsí natural state. You cannot observe a bald eagle catching fish from a lake at the zoo, and there is no grander sight to behold. Places like Yellowstone National park, Glacier Bay in Alaska or the Florida Everglades allow us the opportunities to see wildlife in a way that a zoo cannot offer.

National Parks are a treasure that we cannot afford to let be destroyed for any reason. The greed of corporate America chasing every dollar has done enough irreversible damage to our country, in particular our wildlife. Living with wildlife can be somewhat difficult. Like having coyotes come onto your property and attack your pets, or wolf packs kill some livestock, but as a whole these incidents are wide spread and the alternative is unthinkable.

Would we destroy all the wild wolves again to insure that not one more head of cattle was killed? Let us hope not, we would be better served to take up a collection to replace any lost livestock. How sad would it be never to be able to see a wild wolf, grizzly bear, or mountain lion again?

What about our endangered marine wildlife? Many of the species of whales that are on the endangered species list do no harm to man at all they just feed on plankton. Yet the fishing industry slaughters thousands of them for no reason every year. How well do we really like fish? We should have the ability to farm raise most of the fish that we need for human consumption.

What of the rain forest of the world? With every acre that is destroyed, we are slowly killing ourselves, not just the plants and wildlife that live there. Not only are we destroying the wildlife of the rain forest but also we could be destroying, or already have destroyed a plant that could cure cancer. Natural rainforests give off and absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide. There is no rainforest in the world today that can be considered unaffected by the impact of human interference.

The forests of the world are being ruined at a fast pace. Over 85% of West Africa's rainforests has been demolished. After the introduction of humans over 2000 years ago, Madagascar has experienced a loss of almost two thirds of the original rainforest region. At the current rate, tropical rainforests in Indonesia would be cut down in almost 10 years.

Not only do the plants and animals need the rain forest, we need it also for the oxygen that it creates. The loss of the rain forest is one of the key reasons for our weather patterns going awry, and the large build up of greenhouse gasses. So for the sake of all the people of the planet let us do what we can to preserve what is left of nature.